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community land trusts

Gloucestershire Land for People CLT

A Community Land Trust is a mechanism for the democratic ownership of land by the local community. Land is taken out of the market and separated from its productive use so that the impact of land appreciation is removed, therefore enabling long-term affordable and sustainable local development. The value of public investment, philanthropic gifts, charitable endowments, legacies or development gain is thus captured in perpetuity, underpinning the sustainable development of a defined locality or community. Through CLTs, local residents and businesses participate in and take responsibility for planning and delivering redevelopment schemes.

What do CLTs do?

Activities include: -

(i) Developing affordable housing to rent or buy for members of the community;

(ii) Enabling residents on lower incomes to acquire an economic interest in the success of their community;

(iii) Developing land for affordable workspace and retail units;

(iv) Providing and maintaining community facilities for social and public services;

(v) Managing green spaces, conservation areas and providing access for new entrants to farming;

(vi) Promoting resident involvement, local democracy and active citizenship.

CLTs allow for local people to democratically ‘manage the commons’. Compared to private and public ownership of land, ‘commons land’ and ‘waste land’ in the UK is under 8 per cent. Its extension and prudent management is possible through CLTs.

Housing and Regeneration Act 2008:  Legal definition of a community land trust

Community land trust website


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