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Don’t miss your rent payment

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Please remember how important it is that you don’t miss your rent payment. Your rent should be prioritised above other payments you have to make, because the consequences of not paying your rent are so serious – you could lose your home.

We all know that Christmas can be an expensive time of year. Presents, celebrations, and children being on holiday from school all means spending more money and can easily mean you struggle to pay all your bills.

If you need help with debt or managing and budgeting, you can get advice from the Money Advice Service on 0800 138 7777. If you are worried about making your next payment, please contact us on 03333 21 30 30. We are open late until 7pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

Ways to pay your rent

The payment card system residents can use to pay their rent or service charge in cash is arranged for us through the Co-operative Bank. Up until now, residents could use 3 outlet types; the Post Office, any PayPoint outlet or a Payzone outlet.

However, from January 2017, Payzone outlets can NO LONGER be used and so all cash payments will need to be made at a Post Office or PayPoint outlet. Don’t forget, there are many other ways you can pay your rent and service charges, which are:

In the year ahead we will be reviewing the ways that residents can pay, so please tell us if you have a prefered way to pay which you want to make sure is still available.


7 - 14 Great Dover Street, London SE1 4YR. Customer Service Centre: 03333 21 30 30