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the benefits of co-operative housing

Housing co-operatives bring 4 main benefits to their members:


  • tenants control their rents (within their co-op's financial framework),
  • tenants control service charges,
  • tenants control Value for Money (i.e. the balance between the quality and cost of a service),
  • tenants control rent arrears,
  • any surpluses made by the co-operative can be used by the co-op to improve the co-op's housing.

    quality of service:

  • tenants control the quality of repair service by choosing the contractor who carries out repairs,
  • tenants control the quality of management because managers are directly accountable to them.


  • housing co-ops build communities where people know and assist each other,
  • housing co-ops can reduce vandalism and anti social behaviour,
  • housing co-ops often organise other services for members, such as child care and social activities.


  • housing co-ops give members the opportunity of using skills which would otherwise go to waste,
  • housing co-ops create opportunities for people to develop new skills which are useful in other walks of life,
  • housing co-ops reduce dependency and give people a stake in where they live.

It is because housing co-operatives generate these benefits that they enjoy a wide spectrum of political support from all political parties.


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