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a consumer's guide to mutual home ownership: pamphlet

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A new way of owning a stake in your home

Mutual Home Ownership (MHO) is a new way of owning a stake in the housing market. It is designed to bring the bottom rung of the property ladder back within reach of households on modest incomes in areas where they are priced-out of the housing market. It is also designed to remain permanently affordable for future generations.

'A consumer's guide to Mutual Home Ownership: A new way of owning a stake in your home' explains how Mutual Home Ownership works and to answer the most common questions asked by people who may be interested in the possibility of living in a Mutual Home Ownership housing development.

 Whilst this guide is intended to give a simple introduction to how Mutual Home Ownership works, it is recommended that anyone interested in living in a Mutual Home Ownership housing project should find out more about the way it works, and the rights and responsibilities they would take on, by face to face discussion with the local Mutual Home Ownership provider.  Any person wishing to become a member and live in a Mutual Home Ownership development will be required to seek advice from an independent financial advisor to ensure that they fully understand the financial commitments they are undertaking and that Mutual Home Ownership is the right housing choice for them.  Prospective members are also advised to take their own legal advice to ensure that they understand their rights and responsibilities of resident membership of a Mutual Home Ownership society.


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