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a best value solution

Lithos front roomIn the Sustainable Communities Plan (the new national policy for affordable housing provision and area regeneration in England) the Government has announced the allocation of £1 billion of funding over the next three years for key worker housing. The model developed by this Housing Corporation funded project is robust. Through the inclusion of a Community Land Trust (CLT) structure, the mutual home ownership system can deliver best value by capturing the value of any subsidy or gifted land for the benefit of the community in perpetuity. The CLT thus ensures that, unlike other shared ownership models, affordability can be guaranteed into the future for low to moderate income households.

“This [report] offers the most economical and best value for money way of using public or private investment to meet housing needs. It provides for the needs of successive generations in a way which acknowledges the ownership aspirations of most people in this country, and the need to bridge the gulf between renting and owning.”

Ken Bartlett, Chairman, Joseph Rowntree Foundation Land Inquiry Commission

“The biggest problem in the countryside is the lack of affordable housing for key agricultural workers and others. This is a bigger problem than rural transport to renew the local food sector.”

Lord Haskins, DEFRA Rural Recovery Co-ordinator on BBC Farming Today, 2003


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